Micro UMKM

With the spirit of prospering Indonesian F&B MSMEs and making it easier for Indonesians to access high quality local products, we created Kaya Halal Market.

About Kaya Halal Market

Kaya Halal Market helps Indonesian micro SMEs enter the digital era by providing a platform in an Online Supermarket form. Focused on Food & Beverage products, not only Indonesian SMEs can sell their products online under Kaya Halal Market, but they also can develop their products and branding with our help through feedback and interaction with consumers. Besides helping SMEs, Kaya Halal Market curation process gives consumers many choices of high-quality halal products every day.

Kaya Halal Market’s Journey

Operating since April 2020, Kaya Halal Market has already helped more than 100 Indonesian micro SMEs. Currently, Kaya Halal Market has approximately 250 SKUs consisting of frozen food, snacks, various chili sauces, and herbs. In its first year, Kaya Halal Market has 1.336 consumers and more than 2.000 transactions that helped our partners not only gain their revenue and introduce their market broader but also help Indonesia’s economic growth by providing job opportunities for others.

La Riche (Isti) – Tangerang

“Sales have increased sharply, per PO can be 50 pcs or more, so I even have to add an oven (for production) because of Kaya Halal Market.”

Greenbox (Ike) – East Jakarta

“Since joining Kaya Halal Market, I can empower my neighbors to help with production because the number of orders keeps increasing!”

Kang Daging (Irshandi) – Depok

“The effect (of Kaya Halal Market) is I have a fixed monthly income, but what is certain is that my products are known by the wider community because joining KHM, (it) reaches more people.”

Access Kaya Halal Market

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