Our Superpower

We Grow Small Businesses into Big Brands

We dedicate our energy and mind to growing Indonesia’s SMEs bigger than before through                                business partnerships. We do value creation of SMEs beyond developing products,                                                through creating loveable brand.

We believe that Indonesia’s SMEs growth is one of the keys to put the spotlight on Indonesia and                              advance its society. Not only will you be proud of Indonesia’s brands and products, but also as an Indonesian – wherever you are.

The sky is not even the limit here.

Fostering Entrepreneurship in Indonesia

We strive to grow Indonesian entrepreneurs by providing the best marketing and being a Business Incubator for SMEs and Startups in Indonesia and the world. Growing small businesses into a big brand.

Right on

Providing the most suitable marketing, Go To Market and branding strategy for your business by referring to local and global markets and consumers.

Strong Economy &

Your business’ growth will help Indonesia by boosting the economy and providing more job opportunities. Don’t be afraid to dream big, we will make your business stronger than ever through innovations and excellent developments.

Brand Building

Utilizing the best online media platforms and technologies in brand building, marketing, and communication for your business’ growth. Well-thought go-to-market strategy and the right network we provide will make your brand grow even bigger and touch more consumers’ life


We all are here to create. You create amazing products and we create more leaders in Indonesia, and one of them is you.




We try to do the right thing through honesty and candor, internally and externally. Always be data-driven in making decisions and actions, advocating proposals, and managing risk.


We all are responsible and committed to delivering the best results in every area. Focusing on the resources we have to produce the best leaders Indonesia has ever had.


Everyone is the owner of the company and is encouraged to fulfill the company’s business needs, improve the system and also effectiveness to achieve long-term success.

Passion for Winning

Determined to be the best in the industry and tackle all the challenges we face. We are here to run long and win consumers’ trust.


Respect KAYA People, our partners, and consumers by treating others as we want to be treated. We believe trust is the best fuel to make our fire burn brighter.

Compassionate Collaboration

There is no competition within the team, but with the market and how to win it. We work together to balance each other's strengths and weaknesses so that we can achieve the best results.

Continuous Improvement

The only way to achieve the best result is by growing. We grow by improving our skills, knowledge, and experience so we can create effective innovations for our partners.


We all have ears and eyes wide open for consumers, communities, the world, and even competitors so that we can be better and provide relevant also up-to-date moves.