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About 1883 Brand

Blessed by its prosperous land and perfect weather, Maleber highland in West Java, Indonesia grows high-quality tea leaves. 1883 Brand wants to share this gift from mother nature with the world through the highest quality tea you can ever get. 1883 Brand’s original Black Tea, Innocent Mist, Sun Emperor, and Scarlet Rouge will not only help kick-start your day, but you will also travel time to enjoy one of Indonesia’s greatest heritages. Did you know that from 400 years ago until now, Indonesians always drink the lowest quality tea? It happened because the best tea leaves are always exported to fulfill the needs of the international market. 1883 Brand is here to deliver the best quality Indonesian tea leaves to its people’s cups every day.

1883 Brand’s Journey with Us

KAYA.ID together with PT Meta Inti Duta wants to bring the prosperity of Indonesia into a delicious and high-quality cup of tea from the West Java plantation by providing a marketing strategy for the 1883 Brand. Aware of the potential and eager to introduce the beauty of Indonesia to the rest of the world, we also market this high-quality tea to several countries including Japan, Turkey, and Canada. We want to remind everyone of the greatness of Indonesia from a cup of its fine tea.

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