Raion Aiko

Handcrafted Vegan Leather Bag

About Raion Aiko

Meet with your clients, go to the office or campus, or hang out with your girls at your favorite cafe, let us help you carry your stuff while completing your look wherever and whenever you go. Raion Aiko is a handcrafted bag from high-quality vegan leather by professionals. Every single collection is unique yet versatile, long-lasting, and easy to care for. Doraemon’s magic pocket never looked this gorgeous before.

Raion Aiko’s Journey with Us

Trying to improve the livelihood of local craftsmen while fulfilling the market needs, KAYA.ID helps improve the quality and design of Raion Aiko and markets them according to target consumers. Available at popular marketplaces, each bag from Raion Aiko is now easier to find. With the right branding and marketing strategy, we change the wrong stigma toward local brands and make all Indonesians fall in love with products from their country.

Where to Find Raion Aiko

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