Terrice Menthik Susu

Sugar Free Beras Bali with International Certification 

About Terrice Menthik Susu

From the highland rice fields in Bali, each grain of rice is harvested and processed by local farmers with a sustainable and zero-wasting method. Terrice not only is trying to prosper local farmers but also maintaining sustainability of mother nature. We bring sugar-free, low fat, and zero chemical organic rice for all family members, including your baby to your kitchen. Our consumers said that this healthy rice is fragrant and even tastier than other diet rice in the market while being able to control blood sugar level.

Terrice Menthik Susu’s Journey with Us

KAYA.ID collaborated with PT. Meta Inti Duta to support Sangeh Farmer by providing a standout branding and packaging for Terrice and give a better chance for local farmers (in Sangeh, Bali area) to penetrate their harvests into the market, cutting off the middleman and touching their consumers directly helps them to gain more profits. In its first year, we have successfully sold five tons of rice to health-conscious consumers. Our consumers can purchase this organic rice which has been certified by national and international organizations in marketplaces or easily grab it in offline stores whenever they want.  At this moment, Terrice works with 50 farmers for 20 hectares of rice fields.

Where to Find Terrice Menthik Susu

Enjoy the fluffy taste of Terrice Menthik Susu by purchasing it here:

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Offline Store:

  • Grand Lucky
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