Why Us

Business Incubator for Indonesia SMEs, the dream-maker to grow your business

Armed with #Creativityoftheimpossible, KAYA.ID not only will grow your business in Indonesia, but also expand its journey all over the world. It’s our desire to see your business is able to create jobs and produce quality talents, both for your business and for Indonesia.

In this marathon, we want your business to sustain and be enjoyed by a bigger community. Some of our partners even have earned more results in their first year teaming with us, but certainly, we still have a long journey ahead. Tell us your dreams and together we will make them come true.

We make your business loved, popular, and strong Supported by Kaya People

KAYA.ID team consists of Passionate Kaya People from various backgrounds with out-of-the-box ideas. We provide solutions and inspiring innovations so your business has a better opportunity to grow, go global, and contribute more to society. All of those fantasies will come to life through creative branding, product breakthroughs, and efficient sustainable marketing and branding strategies.