Creative Entrepreneur

Turning big and creative dreams into reality will need some capital to start with. That’s why we created LokalKorner to bridge and bring together creative entrepreneur and consumers as their real and loyal investors.  

About LokalKorner

Great products with no capital to start the business? Helping Indonesian creative entrepreneurs to bring their wild ideas to life, LokalKorner introduces entrepreneurs to their soon-to-be first devoted investors, ITS CONSUMERS! LokalKorner is a safety net provided by KAYA.ID for big dreamers to not be afraid to dream bigger. By using product prototypes, entrepreneurs can save a lot of money while improving their products, as the consumer buys their products through the Pre-Order System.

LokalKorner’s Journey

During its BETA launch, LokalKorner has boarded nine creative entrepreneurs from various sectors including Fashion & Accessories, Arts & Crafts, Tech & Gadgets, and Commodities. In the first launch, we successfully helped Cocoa Watch sell out its products. Their dreams and dedication are our fuel to keep us growing and exploring until today. LokalKorner gives a possibility for Indonesian consumers to own the first unique designed products ahead of the others.

Access LokalKorner

Whoever you are; a creative entrepreneur or a soon-to-be investor, take your part in improving local business here:

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