Business Incubation

About Business Incubation

Through business incubation, KAYA.ID has helped several SMEs to grow their business by providing out-of-the-box branding and marketing strategies. We are dedicated to bringing a fair ecosystem and opening more opportunities for local brands to compete in the market. Our Business Incubation is processed thoroughly and carefully. We analyze and develop the product and market from our curated partners before we jump to the marketing and go-to-market strategy. We believe with the right treatments, our partners’ brands not only will grow in the Indonesia market, but also globally.

Our Business Incubation’s Journey

Our Business Incubator system is focusing on how to grow small businesses into BIG BRANDS. Starting with assessing its potential, mapping consumer segmentation, repackaging, rebranding into marketing and go to market strategy. The holistic brand journey with its consumer heart. A journey from the 1st moment of truth into becoming the loyal consumers.

KAYA.ID was started by focusing on Indonesian SMEs through incubating them with branding, marketing, and go-to-market game plans. On our first incubation journey, we worked hand in hand with Rendang Sederhana and successfully marketed their products into supermarkets, restaurants, and stores both online and offline. Currently, we have several high-quality local brands growing under our incubation. 

Sambal Pecah is our 1st SMEs incubation that evolved into becoming part of KAYA.ID family through 40% investment, a collaboration that will bring Indonesian sambal globally. During the incubation, not only did we did a makeover to Sambal Pecah’s packaging but also cut off some of their variants to create a focus and room to grow. It was a well-planned strategy and managed to increase their revenue 410% in one year of our partnership. Each brand we incubate has different opportunities and areas to grow. With different strategies, we also managed to gain IDR 1.4 billion for JAMUNE “Jamu on the Rock”  in its first year of launching. Jamune’s mission is to be the 1st and most successful herbal drink in the world.  This journey is the combined efforts of every Orang Kaya and our incredible partners.