Offline Project

About Offline Project

Make consumers fall in love with local brands through gadgets and also directly by seeing them at their favorite places. We are up for all possibilities and opportunities to boost our partners’ growth. Spreading our wings not only on digital platforms but also bringing our partners’ brands into the offline presence. We arm Indonesian SMEs to have the feasibility of competing with big brands inside malls or supermarkets by providing and helping with the proper tools, education, and discipline. 

Our Offline Project’s Journey

Orang Kaya works hard to bring and market local products offline. Not only do we work hand in hand with our partners, we also embrace other parties to join us in developing Indonesian SMEs. In the exclusive partnership with Mall of Indonesia, we succeeded in introducing 40 F&B SMEs to the wider community through Jajanan Alley in #pasarMOI. On its first day, we successfully achieved more than 170% of target! From #pasarMOI, we tried to find the best and most suitable formula to pave the way for Indonesian SMEs to shine bright in the offline market.