Coffee Liqueur

About Balista

Start your day with a kick or loosen up a bit at night, you only need one solution: Balista. Why have to choose if you can have both caffeine boldness and authentic Balinese liquor in a single bottle? Grown in the land of Bali and crafted by its people, we bring a bottle of happiness and indulgence to you. A sip of Balista not only will increase dopamine in your body but also will fly you right to the island of Gods.

Balista’s Journey

KAYA.ID always starts the discussion with UMKM by seeing their greatest potential and how they connect with consumers better. Together with PT Sarana Bali Ventura, we combine two SMEs, coffee and Arak Bali, into one single product. Even though it is a challenge for us, we finally have created a much better high-quality product of coffee liqueur! Finding good quality coffee beans, visiting Balinese liquor producers, formulating them into one tasty product, crafting the branding and packaging, then introducing it to the market is a tiring yet exciting journey for us. It is a gift from Bali to the world.

Where to Find Balista

Day and night, alone and accompanied, take a sip of Balista by purchasing it here:

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  • BWS Seminyak
  • BWS Canggu
  • BWS Denpasar
  • BWS Ubud
  • Bottle Station Munggu Badung
  • Bottle Cheers Marlboro Denpasar