Friend with Benefits

About Jamune

One of Indonesia’s heritage, Jamu is a traditional herbal drink with numerous health benefits. This beneficial beverage is commonly perceived to have an unpleasant taste. Jamune comes to break that stereotype by providing Jamu with a pleasant and refreshing taste in an attractive package. Using all-natural ingredients, Jamune comes in bright colors to brighten your day. 100ml to 1 liter, cold or hot, and wherever you are, Jamune is your ready-to-go companion with a myriad of benefits.The concept of COLORFUL and DELICIOUS JAMU ON THE ROCK – a Jamu that is consumed with ice cubes or while cold – attracts many Indonesian youngsters. It’s your Friend with Benefits. 

Jamune’s Journey with Us

Jamune starts with a passion to connect Indonesian heritage drinks with youngsters, at the same time award them with the health benefits that many of our ancestors enjoyed. With a strong R&D team and a knowledge of Jamu Master from Solo, Jamu on the rock concept was born as a result of our consumers’ understanding of our target consumers.

At the moment, not only do we market Jamune online, we bring Jamune to offline stores so our consumers can purchase it right away whenever they want. On 23 November 2020, we officially open Jamune’s first outlet. By now, Jamune already has three outlets to quench your thirst. In its first year, Jamune has achieved more than IDR 1 billion in revenue. Besides being loved by its loyal consumers, in February 2022, Jamune became the official drink for the G20 meeting and we are ready to introduce Jamune to a bigger market.

Where to Find Jamune

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Offline Store:

  • Ashta 8 District
  • Pos Bloc
  • Sopo Del Tower