Founded by Richard Sam Bera, the man who is honoring sportsmanship, nationalism, and inclusivity, KEIRON is designed to support your sports activity. Made in Indonesia, designed and manufactured by the children of the nation, KEIRON is a gift from Indonesia for all Indonesians. KEIRON’s high-quality products are yet affordable, making it the best option for you. KEIRON aims to be a leading sports apparel brand so Indonesian athletes can wear local brand sports apparel in international events by 2025. Named after the highest and wisest centaur, KEIRON hopes all people who wear it will feel and perform as fast and as strong as a horse, yet have the heart of a human.

KEIRON’s Journey with Us

KAYA.ID has helped bring Richard Sam Bera’s vision to life through high-quality accessories and apparel. Not only do consumers can purchase the products online, but you can find them offline as well. We helped KEIRON to spread its wings by collaborating with several prestigious parties such as the Millennium Aquatic and Oceanman Bali Tournament. Those collaborations not only increase its revenue, but KEIRON has successfully spread its values globally. 

Where to Find KEIRON

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