Sambal Pecah

Rasanya Pecah!

About Sambal Pecah

Sambal is an essential side dish for Indonesian cuisine. From Sabang to Merauke, we can find various delicacies, including each type of Sambal. Sambal Pecah brings fresh homemade Sambal to every single dinner table in the blink of an eye so you can save your time and energy. With various types of Sambal which are Sambal Cumi Asin Cabe Ijo, Sambal Embe Bali, Sambal Ikan Teri Pedas, and Sambal Matah Kecombrang, you have a lot of options to spice up your dish wherever you are.

Sambal Pecah’s Journey with Us

Coming to us with 11 types of Sambal, we took the not easy step by cutting some variants into 4 types. We want Sambal Pecah to focus only on promising products so that they have more room to grow and perfect their products. Looking at their buyer personas, we also decided to market their products in small packages only and in new packaging to attract more consumers.

Committed to introducing Sambal Pecah to a more extensive community, we bring Sambal Pecah to marketplaces and prestigious offline stores. Within a year, they had increased their sales by 410% and it is still growing today.

Where to Find Sambal Pecah

From the love of a mother to her beloved son who went to school outside of the city, Sambal Pecah is now available for every mother and child at their dinner table.

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